here is the general information if you want to buy

Is it necessary to make an appointment to attend a fitting?




Does the appointment have a cost?


Yes, the value is £ 20, and this value is credited to your dress if you make your purchase during the appointment.


How do I schedule the appointment?


Directly here.


Do you have parking?


In the building there is parking for visitors and also is plenty of space in the neighborhood.


Do you have dresses in stock or do you have them made?


Both. We have dresses in stock by size, or you can have a custom dress made with your ideas from scratch.


Stock dresses Oniric collection

Dresses from our collection available in our store in Chile and the United Kingdom. You can see the collection here.

What is the value of the dresses in the Oniric collection?

Their values ​​range between £ 1,400 and £ 3,500. You need to pay 50% in advance to reserve your dress.

Do the dresses in the Oniric collection have adjustments included?

No. You can make the adjustments with us at an additional cost or with a dressmaker you trust.


Can the dresses in the Oniric collection be customized?


Yes, the things you can customize are:

Sleeve length (short sleeve or long sleeve).
Add Rhinestones (just add, do not change what you currently have or take out of it) Neckline depth.
Change the shape of the stripes.
Add or remove train.

All these changes have a small additional cost (£100 - £200 each). Things that in some cases can be changed, with the direct authorization of our designer Mika Herrera:

Add embroidery.
Change the color of the fabric.
Add or remove volume to the skirts.
All these changes have an additional cost ranging from £ 250 to £ 750.

In the customization process you will have the personalized advice of our designer Mika Herrera who will be able to solve all your design and tailoring queries.

How much time in advance should I go to try on the dress if I want something from the collection?

At least 6 months in advance, the earlier the better. We work with top quality materials from the most exclusive suppliers, so we need time to get them and put the magic to work.

How long will the dress be delivered to me since I make the purchase?

4 months. This provides you with the correct time to be able to have it in your possession for adjustments if necessary.

Can I leave the dress in the store until it is closer to the wedding day?


What happens if I have less than 6 months in advance?

If you have less than 6 months in advance, you must write to us directly at corporate@mikaherrera.com to tell us about your case. Sometimes there is the possibility of placing a rush order, however this takes at least 10 weeks. Every rush order has an additional cost.

There are only 9 weeks left for my wedding, can I still place a last minute order?

If you are less than 9 weeks old, we are very sorry but we cannot make a new dress for you, however there is the possibility of buying one of the samples available in the store, or renting one from our stock.


Bespoke dresses

For this type of dress you can come with your ideas, drawings, etc., we review all this at the appointment and together we put together a design proposal that we will tailor and make from scratch for you.

What is the lead time for a custom dress?

At least 8 months. If you have less than that time, it is most likely that we will not be able to help you, but to get out of doubt write to contacto@mikaherrera.com to reconfirm. In some cases, for civilian dresses or simple orders, we can take the order up to 10 weeks in advance, we recommend you write to clear up any doubts. Anyway, keep in mind that by coming with less than the requested time, this will be a rush order and will have an additional cost.

How many fittings are required for a custom dress?

Depending on the dress, they can be between 3 and 8. As it is made to measure and personalized, you will not have additional charges for adjustments.

What is the value of custom dresses?

Prices start at £ 5,500. This includes all testing, adjustments, materials, design, and consulting. A person from the team will personally dress you on your wedding day if it takes place in London. For simple short plaid models, or full ones, the custom values ​​start at £ 2,200. This does not include the service of accompanying you on your wedding day, but if you require it you can hire it for an additional value.



-renting option-

Do you rent dresses?



Do I need to make an appointment to try them on?

Yes, enter here. The value of the appointment is discounted from the value of the dress if you decide to sign the contract the same day of your appointment

What are the dresses that are rented?

Our Oniric collection, which aims to reduce environmental impact and favor the reuse of our beautiful fabrics and dresses. If you want to see the renting price for an specific dress, just go to the section Dresses, click on the one that you like and you will see a complete description of the characteristics of that dress, at the end of the description you will also find the rental price in bold letters.

Can adjustments be made to the rental dresses?

Yes, most of the time, but it depends on fit. Lease adjustments have an additional cost

Can any detail be incorporated into the rental dress that can later be removed?

Some dresses allow detachable accessories to be attached, such as detachable tails, shoulder pads, rhinestone waterfalls, and belts.

What are the rental values?


Values ​​range from £1,190 to £3,000.

What are the rental conditions?

-You have 10 business days to return the dress. If you need more days it can be done with an additional fee.
-We will take care of the dry cleaning and it is included in the price.
-You must leave a guarantee of the differential of the real value of the dress.
For example, you leased a dress that its original value is £2,000 and you lease it for £1,100, then you must leave a guarantee for £900. This can be by check or transfer.

What happens if  the dress get dirt or tears?

From experience we know that 99% of the stains come out in the dry cleaner, especially when it is dirt or dust that sticks to the hem, so you should not worry about this point if you give good use to the garment and take care of it.


In the event that the dress breaks due to an accident, we have a table of price ranges that we charge for repairs that is attached to the contract. These values ​​are reasonable and are discussed before signing the contract.


If the dress is lost, or you do not return it on the indicated date without giving notice, 100% of the guarantee is charged.

What else do you rent?


Detachable tails, wings, rhinestone shoulder pads, veils and belts.

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