Beautiful and comfortable dress
I loved the dress! Just as I imagined. When one goes, they always give suggestions on how to wear the dress better, what cut is best suited to one's body. In the last visits I was attended by a very nice girl who helped me a lot to see the last details, they met the deadlines, everything very well. The very comfortable dress for dancing and everything. Everyone really liked the dress, thank you so much for making it for me!


My dream dress
Thanks to the Mika Herrera team for the beautiful work they did, a custom tailored dress, the one of my dreams. I chose lease mode, therefore I used it, paid half and then returned it.


My wonderful Mika Herrera dress
It was a long process in choosing my wedding dress, being from outside the city I visited different places, but I still had not decided, I traveled previously and I carried out a study to see which stores to go to during my visit. I must admit that I had great interest in Mika Herrera, so I emphasize that from the beginning I felt welcomed by her team, they complied with all my expectations both in delivery, disposition and professionalism. In 3 trips to Stgo.  I thank the girl who took care of me throughout the process, very loving (I can't remember her name well), so I felt comfortable and confident in working with her, as well as with Mika Herrera who also had the opportunity to meet her, nice, loving and professional in terms of guidance regarding the wedding dress. I was happy with my exclusive Mika Herrera dress, I was a queen in my marriage, I felt comfortable and safe, thank you for everything.


Vestido amado

Estoy muy feliz con el resultado, feliz de mi vestido. El equipo completo de Mika es de excelencia y de un alto profesionalismo, se preocuparon de cada detalle y en cada prueba me asesoraron según mi tipo de cuerpo, lo que podríamos resaltar, creo que quedó claro el día del matrimonio, todos mis invitados no se cansaban de decirme que el vestido estaba espectacular y se que fue así.

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