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Let's take care of the planet

Prices for renting from £650 to £1,200 

There is a ton of reasons why you should rent your wedding dress instead of buying it. Here is a list from us:

- Eco friendly:
Renting a dress in a way is allow it to be re used❤️. Re using is a way of recycling the beautiful fabrics and ornaments of your dress and take care of the planet. Hence,
get married with good karma :)

-Pocket friendly:

You may save up to 60% in your wedding dress + cleaning process.
Maybe you are thinking about selling your dress after the wedding, but the point is, this will take you time, many brides coming to your house to try it on, and nothing will assure you will succeed. Why don’t leave the dirty work to us? we will even take care of the cleaning process!

-Save space:
You won’t ever wear your wedding dress again. Let’s make some space in your closet to put the new Chanel you will buy with the money you saved from your wedding dress!

If you would like to know the renting price for an specific dress, just go to the Dresses menu, click on the dress that you like and read the description to the end. There you will find the renting price in bold.

Do you still have some questions about this process?
Go to the FAQ below!


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Tuesday-Friday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm.

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